"Hinata have a green notebook for the School. She is a tall thin girl, whit a beautifull black long hair. In fact, she is a really beautifull girl. She think´s she is weak, but she have a strong heart and she always get all her objectives".


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i got your list of questions about our food.i love cooking,and my mom is a great cook too! first the  main ingredients off our food are rice,corn,beans,onion,garlic,aji,(kind of hot pepper) fresh fruit,meat,fish and vegetables.our foos is very tasty! we usually have breakfast,lunch,dinner and coffe break .for breakfast ,we generally have coffe,milk or tea ,bread,butter chesse or cereal.then,one of the most common dishes is ceviche(i'll send you the recipe).this dish is usually eaten for you lunch.other traditional dishes are aji de gallina (shredded chicken in spiced milk sauce) anticuchos(marinated grilled beef heart),tamales (ground corn,stuffed with porkor chicken,wrapped in banana leaves and boiled).some traditional drinks are chicha morada and chicha de jora.


no te olvides de dar las thank you jajaj saludos