1. Complete the following sentences using Present Simple or Present Continuous. (8 marks)

- Normally, my dad _________________ (wake up) earlier than me, but this morning I ________________ (see) the doctor so I _________________ (leave) the house pretty early.

- ________ The Miami Heat __________ (play) now? My brother usually _____________ (watch) every game, but he __________________ (not watch) right now because he _____________ (have) to study for his exams.

- ______ your mum _________ (like) football?

2. Complete the following sentences using Past Simple. (8 marks)

- Oh man, ______ you ________ (watch) the game last night? It _________ (be) awesome!

- No, I ___________ (go) to bed quite early because I __________ (have) to rest for the competition, but my brother ____________ (tell) me The Bulls _____________ (not win) because they _____________ (miss) the last 4 shots.

- Yeah, Rose ____________ (score) 35 points but it was not enough!

3. There is a mistake in every sentence. Correct it. (8 marks)

- How many time did you spend on the queue? _______________

- Peter, who lives next to me, is tallest than Mark. _____________

- We didn´t have many money so we decided not to go out. _______________

- We all felt the book was a lot interestinger than the movie. _______________

- She does not like some kind of vegetables, she prefers fruit. _______________

- That joke was definitely the most bad I have ever heard! _________________

- She couldn´t get many information from the library. __________________

- We should drive more fast or we won´t get there on time! _______________



1) wakes up
2) am Seeing
3) am leaving
5) is playing
6) watches
7) is not watching
8) has
9)does your mum like

1) did you watch
2) was
4) had
5) told
6) did not win
7) missed
8) scored

1) how much
2) taller
3) much money
4) more interesting
5) any kind
6) the worst I have ever heard


-wakes up

-am seeing


-are playing


-isn´t watching


-do like


-did watch





-didn´t win




-much no many

-taller no tallest

-much no many

-more interesting no interestinger

-doesn´t no does not

-worst no most bad

-much no many

-faster no more fast

espero haberte ayudado y que este bien chao