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En Ingles, se usan los condicionales para expresar situaciones que son posibles de ocurrir o que pudieron haber ocurrido.

El zero conditional es un condicional que reafirma un hecho que es comprobable y real condicionado a una situación. Esta es la estructura para formar este condicional:

                    if + tiempo presente + then + tiempo presente
                    if + tiempo presente , + tiempo presente

Estas son 30 oraciones con zero conditional usando pronombres:

01. If you boil water then it turn into steam
02. If I eat peanut, I get an allergy
03. If my mom is not at home, I can play my guitar
04. If it expands, air become lighter
05. If you want to recline de seat, press the bottom 
06. If you mix blue and yellow, you get color green
07. If I run more than an hour, I get too tired
08. If you sleep 8 hours, you feel rested
09. If he doesn't clean the room, his mom gets mad
10. If I don't understand, I use a translator
11. If you travel to other country then you need a passport
12. If you touch the fire then you get burned
13. If my cat eats fish, it is happy
14. If we go early, we can watch the movie
15. If you don't eat well, you get sick
16. If you don't study, you don't pass the test
17. If my father is at home, everything is quite
18. If I study, my parents are happy
19. If you don't water them, the plant die
20. If she wakes up early, she arrives in time
21. If my boyfriend is at home, we play videogames
22. If I find a pretty dress, I go to the wedding
23. The grass in the park get wet if it rains
24. If you freeze water, it becomes ice
25. If you get lost, meet me in the entrance
26. If you need an appointment, call monday morning
27. If she wants that ring, she needs to save money
28. If you want to be happy, enjoy your present
29  If he wants to be useful, he should volunteer
30. If my dad has a cold, my mom usually catch it

Por otra parte, el first conditional es utilizado para indicar una posibilidad condicionada a que ocurra un evento. La estructura de este condicional es la siguiente:
                      if + tiempo presente, tiempo futuro (auxiliar will)

Estas son 30 oraciones con first conditional usando pronombres:

01. If you cook the dinner, I'll wash the dishes
02. If we go to the party, we'll meet new friends
03. If I train everyday, I will loose weight
04. If I follow my plan, I will win a million dollars
05. If I take care of my pet, it will live longer
06. If it rains, We will stay at home whatching a movie
07. If I travel to London, I'll visit an old friend
08. If your relationship last more than 2 year, you will get married
09. If I work hard, I will be able to go home early
10. If I start cleaning at 7am, I'll be done by noon
11. If I don't call my mom today, She'll get mad
12. If we don't sell enough today, We will close the business
13. If they come home, we will buy some pizza
14. If I save money for 3 months, I will buy my first car
15. If they don't do the paperwork, they will not be able to travel tomorrow
16. If I buy this jeans, I will not buy more clothes for a month
17. If you get wet under the rain, You will get a cold
18. If you don't sleep, You will look very tired
19. If you practice everyday your chinese, you will be speaking it soon
20. If the bank give me a credit, I will buy a new house
21. If he asks me to dinner, I will say yes
22. If I aprove my thesis, I will graduate
23. If you read that book every night, you'll end it in a week
24. If I buy an agenda, I'll be organized with my projects
25. If I cook, you'll prepare the desert
26. If I don't use facebook, I'll don't loose time
27. If I travel to New York for the holidays, I'll take pictures of the Brooklyn Bridge
28.If I visit Napoli, I'll eat pizza everyday
29 If you meditate daily, you'll reach inner peace
30. If you eat just junk food, you'll get fat soon