I have to wear a uniform

you have to study more becasuse you need to pass the exam

she has to go to bed early because tomorrow she will to get up at 6:00 am

i have to go to the library because i need some books

they have to make the bed because it isn´t already done

he has to speak English in the maths class, he can´t speak spanish

the teacher has to be in her house because she is ill



they don´t have to clean the house because it´s already clean

Simon doesn´t have to sign a new contract

i don´t get up early tomorrow

the essays don´t be long

yoy don´t leave school when you´re 16

We don´t have to walk to school, we go by car

we don´t wear jeans at school, we´ve got a uniform


te pongo algunas, porque no da para mas mi imaginacion

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