NECESITO 10 ORACIONES CON CADA UNA DE ESTAS PALABRAS(WH). Where else? Why? Who? Who else? Whom? Whose? How many? How much? How often? How long? How long ago? How old? Sow soon? How big? How far? How tall? How deep? How early? How late? How heavy? How thick? What time? What kind?




where nothing else matters.

why can't we be friends

who let the dogs out

who else wants a relationship like this

whom shall i fear

whose line is it anyway

how many levels are in candy crush saga

how much water is suitable for drinking water

how often do you exercise

how long do red blood cells live

how long ago was the first computer virus developed

how old are you

so soon darling

how big is your feet

how far is your house

how tall is your brother

how deep is the stairs

how early can i vote

how late is the party

how early are you

how thick is the mantle

what time is it

what kind of potato is that


Why i should go to school?

how long ago you ddo that?

How old are yuo?

How big are these dogs?

How far you can go?

What time is it?

What kind og person are you?

How tall are tom?

How deep you must go in the tunel?

How late are you?

Where else you go?

how heavy is the t.v?