Here's some water.I need some paper.

 I want some paper.

 I want some water. 

Take some aspirin. 

We ate some apples. 

We need some money.

Will you give me some

He took out some coins. 

I want some fresh eggs.

Save me some ice cream. 

She gave him some food.

 Won't you have some tea?

Bring me some cold water. 

I have to get some sleep. 

This tire needs some air.

Won't you have some cake? 

Could you get me some tea? 

He hired some new workers

.I got some sand in my eye. 

I have some English books.

 I'd like some more coffee.

She bought him some candy.

 Some snakes are poisonous. 

Will you have some coffee? 

Won't you have some fruit? 

Would you like some salad?

 You will succeed some day. 

Could I have some more tea?

 He showed us some pictures.

 I want to drink some water. 

I've got to catch some Z's. 

Please give me some coffee.


creo q me pase... igual ojala que te sirvan :)