Z: heyyy !!! Lois how are you!!!
L: Happyy :) 
Z: why?
L: I have a party tomorrow do you want to go???
Z: I would like to go but ... I don't know i don't want to be alone..
L: oh! Don't worry you can call some friends
Z: ok! Look there is georgee... Heyy george 
G: what's up!
Z: would you like to go to a party!? 
G: ok!! When ?
L: This friday at 7:00 
G: I will go and i will call some friend .. Is it ok?
L & Z : yes don't worry
G: heyy class we have a party!! This friday everybody has to go!
L & Z : the class will go ??? We don't believe it :O
L: i wanted to go with some friends not with all the class but...
Z: Don't worry I'm sure that we'll have a good nigh