john: hi pals how are you?

jake and robert: fine and you? 

john. fine too 

jake: are you going to the skrillex concert tonight?

robert: yeah men i will be awesome!! 

john: im not going i have to go to my sisters wedding but buy me something please

jake: ok have fun tonight!

john: i wish her boyfriend is a loser!!

robert: come on give a chance 

jake: yeah maibe he will be a great husband! 

john: oki will 

robert:you should!


john ok bye have fun in the concert dont forget to buy me a present!

robert and jake : ok we will bye

¡La mejor respuesta!

Tim: Hey guys! What are you doing tomorrow?

Ed: I don't have any plans this weekend. 

Charles: I think I'll go to visit my grandmother.

Harry: I'm going to go to a party. 

Tim: Really? What party?

Harry: It's my sister's birthday and my parents are going to leave us alone in my house.

Ed: Can we go? It would be nice!

Harry: Sure you can.

Tim: Well, Ed and I will be here at six o'clock.

Charles: I'll go too. 

Ed: Don't you have to visit your grandmother?

Charles: Yes, but later I'll go to the party. 

Tim: Fantastic! Should we give a present to your sister, Harry?

Harry: You don't have to do it.

Ed: But that wouldn't be polite. We'll go to buy a present before the party, okey guys?

Charles: Better I'm going to call my grandmother and say her that I won't go... See you tomorrow guys!


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