Im eating bannanas.
You are looking tomatoes
They are eating cereals.
We are eating popcorns.
He is eating meet an vegetables.
¡La mejor respuesta!

1-Steve is eating a hot-dog 

2-My brother is eating spaghetti

3-They are eating  pies

4-she is eating a hamburger

5- he is eating fish

6-I am eating ravioli

7-My friends are eating bacon

8-Peter and Joe are eating roast

9-My mother is eating canneloni

10- my sister is eating salad


1-My father isn't eating a pizza

2- he isn't eating soup

3-they aren't eating chicken

4- i'm not eating meatballs

5- my sister isn't  eating lasagne

6-My friends aren't eating turkey

7-he isn't eating stew

8-Tom isn't eating french fries

9-steve and sally aren't eating gnocchi

10-my brother isn't eating mashed potatoes