sacar 6 adjectives y pronouns del cuento :

Odie lived in the street. He was thrown out of home Because yellow. Why I will not be white? Asked the first night he spent in the street. A Odie always wanted to run him over cars. A thought Odie was to be yellow. Why I will not be brown? And wondered safe on the sidewalk. A nobody Odie fed. Surely it is because I am yellow. Why I will not be black? I thought off the coffee. In Hate nobody stroked. It's because I'm yellow! Why I will not be gray? It was said in front of houses nicer. And so was his life until one day he met in a park Thomas, a child of five. Thomas said: Hey are not you friends? Are you alone? Odie did not answer it was the first time someone spoke to him and thought: But you do not see I'm in yellow? Thomas called his parents. Thomas's mother was very sweet and tied a handkerchief around his neck. The four crossed the street carefully to get home of Thomas. The cars stopped to give way. At home, Thomas Odie put a bowl of water fresh, while his father was preparing a warm meal and her mother placed a soft plaid blanket on the floor Left to lie down. Odie drank water, ate all his dinner and lay down in the blanket. Do not they realize that I am yellow? Thought as she slept. Abandoned was so comfortable that he dreamed for the first time. In his dream he had a warm house, the cars were stopped that he spent every day and fed him always cherished ... Despite being yellow! What a dream so pretty. When Odie woke dad Thomas said: Hello Odie, you're a sleeper! After was the room where the mother of Thomas smiled Well Odie you're awake! Thomas came running, pounced on him and hugged him: Let's play Odie! Odie I could not believe: Well if they do not matter how yellow! He was so happy. And so ends the story of the dog Odie yellow ......




Adjectives: yellow, white, the first, sweet, comfortable, awake.

Pronouns: he, they, him, I, It,