My dream house





If I were a millionaire, I would buy a huge detached house surrounded by tall shrubs in a not very big city, maybe in a city like Cáceres. The house wouldn’t be located in the city centre because of the traffic and the parking spots, but it wouldn’t be situated too far from downtown.

My dream house would have two floors, a big garage and, of course, a blue swimming pool bordered by a beautiful garden full of plants and trees, and with a white path from the outside door towards the porch.

Inside the house, there would be enormous French windows with long curtains and stylish and practical furniture. Downstairs, there would be 5 bedrooms with enormous beds and spacious wardrobes, 2 bathrooms, one of them with a Jacuzzi, a beautiful kitchen with an American fridge (one of those that have 2 big doors) and a table in the center, where I could eat with my family, and a pleasant living room with two or three large sofas.

Upstairs, there would be a games room where I could play with my nephews, nieces and my future daughter, another bathroom, a little office to work and to study, and finally a huge room called “the cinema-room”, with several comfortable seats and a giant screen where my friends and I could see our favourite films.

The garage would be in the basement and there would be enough room for a small workshop, where I could work with my hands and repair de furniture and the household appliances.




es bastante facilita espero k te sirva


I never had traveled abroad, but this year, my mom decided gave me out a travel for my birthday; we went to London for six days! I always loved London, I had seen a lot of photos and videos of this, but I just never imagine to travel it!
Well, We never had flight, so when we were on a plane we were so scared! 
Finally, after two hours flying, we had arrived to London. There all were different: Little quite, green, peaceful and funny! The people who lives in London are generous and quite shy, they helped us a lot.