bueno espero que te sirva aunque no es mucho :

La regla básica, BETWEEN para 2 y AMONG para más de 2 generalmente es efectiva. Sin embargo, si las dos cosas están mezcladas (variedades de flores, galletas, etc) se prefiere utilizar AMONG (She walked among the roses and dahlias). Por el cntrario, si hay pocas cosas y a éstas se las considera aisladamente, se utiliza BETWEEN (She walked between the three mountains). |


To drive between Madrid and Barcelona.
Between seven o'clock and eight o'clock .
the house is BETWEEN the stadium and the cinema.
He is always here between 5 and 6 o'clock.


A house among the trees / Una casa entre los árboles
I was among the last to leave / Estaba entre los últimos en marcharse. espero que te sirva fighting :)
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He is AT the hospital
It happened BEFORE the Second World War
The supermarket is BETWEEN the restaurant and the police station
We are going to travel BY taxi
My house is DOWN the alley
I'm here FOR talk with you
I am from FROM Mexico
The package is IN the box
The sword is made OF steel
Turn OFF the radio, please
The pencil is ON the table
The class is OVER
The tiger passed TROUGHT the fire
I have never seen that UNTIL now
What I care about is TO see you again
There are a lot of animals UNDER the water 
He is UP to you
My mom is WITH my grandmother
I was going to go BUT I had a problem

Estas son las preposiciones básicas
AT = en
BEFORE = antes de
BETWEEN = entre
BY = por
DOWN = abajo 
FOR = para
FROM = de, desde
IN = dentro de
OF = de ( en cuanto a material )
OFF = fuera, apagado
ON = sobre
OVER = hacia
TROUGHT = a través de
UNTIL = hasta
TO = a, para
UNDER = debajo de
UP = arriba
WITH = con
BUT = pero

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