I would rather stay home tonight. 

I would rather you didn't smoke by my side. 

I would rather work at  nights.

I would rather  use my own computer.

I would rather read a good book than watch a soap opera.

I'd rather not take the bus.

I'd rather travel on my own. 

I'd rather travel by train than by plane

I would rather live in a big city than in  a small village. 

I would rather work on ny own than in team. 






I suggest going to the theatre tonight.

He suggested getting up early. 

Sarah suggests that we should take a taxi

My mother sugested my father driving more slowly. 

The doctor suggested his giving up smoking. 

The teacher suggested we study more for next exam.

Robin suggested watching  "Titanic" film again. 

The doctor suggested Jim that he ought to do some physical exercice. 

I suggest your trying it again!. 

Can you suggest a good Italian restaurant to us?


La estructura más comúnmente usada es la de  suggest + verb en gerundio.


SUGGEST puede ir seguido de pasado simple o presente  o también de modal condicional should /ought to.....