Aqui esta Viejo.....

Garfield was born in the kitchen of an Italian restaurant. At the time of birth weighed 2 kilos and a half (which is already enough for a cat). Born into an Italian kitchen makes us understand that Garfield is a lasagna devoured, perhaps his favorite food, though he never despise any food.

From the moment the main hobby of Garfield was eat, hence the restaurant owner had to sell it to a shop animales.En Garfield then began to think what would happen there the rest of his life, but that's where it crosses Jon, Jon Arbuckle, Jon BFG.

This will be from that moment his owner. This character lives in a house alone, he is single with one of the most boring life. This boring life (and quiet) for both tenants is truncated by Lyman and his dog Odie.

Lyman was a friend of Jon asks him shelter in his house, he and his dog, from the outset what is hated by Garfield. But Garfield's life is not sad, has many happy moments. Undoubtedly one of his happiest moments will be the October 23, 1978 while inspecting the home of Jon, when you find a stuffed animal (which later would be called Pooky), and since that time his friend would be shameful and the only person who knows his true feelings about himself and about life.

And since many characters that have gone through life Garfield.

And is that Garfield is not a cat either. A Garfield likes to live well and lazy, enjoys sleeping in his bed with his blanket tapadito, eating or watching television for hours on trash. Although some of these "hobbies" has many: Kicking Odie, frighten and try to catch the birds of the garden fountain, kill spiders, talking about life with Pooky, oblivious to the mice go home, tryflirting with Arlene, do all sorts of pranks the mailman ... and more.

But Garfield was nonetheless endearing and basically the loves Jon and Odie ... good deep down. Garfield's favorite food is lasagna but also enjoy eating all kinds of food (burgers, dog food ... ferns). Garfield loves Christmas, hate going to the farm of parents Jon and especially, especially HATE DIETS ... It would be endless to mention all the things he does, so reading the other characters see Garfield's relationship with them.

Finally do not forget to tell you that we NEVER mencioneis Garfield before it's Monday, and that Garfield hates Mondays and if for him, never would have existed, there Monday at Garfield's life does not happen something nasty and maybe harmful to your health.

Although unable to admit Garfield, Odie is and will be your best amigo.De he can only think it's a silly and stupid dog, but Odie is all heart and although it has to endure all the "dirty tricks" that makes Garfield (givecontinually kicking, pushing from the top of the table, tie the tongue, ears ...) never fails to be with him.

The most characteristic of Odie is that he spends the day with his tongue out and babeándolo all, although we often reach desmostrar that contrary to what might seem, he is, as it is in Garfield cat, a dog very very different.

Odie began appearing in Garfield strips as the mascot of Lyman, the roommate Jon, and like Garfield has grown while suffering a major renovation in the style of drawing.

Jon Arbuckle
Jon Garfield purchase in a pet store while looking for a pet who shared with him his boring life. History tells us that he was hesitating between a cat and an iguana, but what we saw was decided by a cat.

Jon's life time between his work (drawing cartoons), date women (or at least harass them to go with him to dinner) and make food to Garfield.

Since Garfield Jon bought his life has never been the same, well, almost.Remains unmarried and without compromise, and even when used continuously appointments are all a failure, perhaps because of his strange ideas of what is a quote. His only friends are Garfield and Odie, and their biggest and best moments are with them.

Arlene is a cute kitten and educated whose only fault is a large gap between her 2 front teeth (Garfield thing that always makes fun). She is the cat Garfield, are good friends ... whenever she stays away from your feeder (and is that Garfield is very clear about their preferences!).

Pooky is Garfield's teddy bear from one day to find him in a drawer and not again separated from it.
Pooky is Garfield's best friend, because, in the words of Garfield "never takes away the food and knows how to keep your mouth shut."