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Death in the hallways


Apparently at that hospital there was not much to watch, so people went to watch for information only, so it did not seem strange that day when an old woman dressed all in black, walking with difficulty and aided by his cane , said:

Son, can you tell me where is the Doctor Suarez? -

-Of course, if mother, go straight down this hall to the third door


And the old woman walked slowly down the long hallway to get to where it was indicated, a nurse denied passage, and made her wait a few minutes. His turn came, and as she went in to speak with the doctor, the nurse went to get some information documents. The visit was brief, was in and out as if it only would have given the doctor good morning. For when the nurse returned with the papers, the old guard was saying goodbye, thanking you for the information.

That the nurse leaves the doctor's office shouting:

- Stop her, stop her!, Do not let go ... that will not be the old-

A little bewildered but obeying those alterantes screams, the man reached out and pulled the arm of the old lady saying

-Mother just doing my job, sorry-

That old woman discovers a cadaverous face that kept hidden under a dark veil and answers:

-I also son ... I'm just doing my job

The man would not tell what he had seen, but certainly encountered death, for the death of Dr. was evident in a couple of minutes ...