Escribe una carta a tu amigo estadounidense. En la letra esribele por qué has tardado tanto en contestarle, cuentale una historia de la vida de tu familia, cuentale una situación de tu escuela. Preguntale como le va la vida, cómo están sus amigos.




Hi John,

  I'm sorry I haven't written to you for three months. I was busy. But now I have some free time to give you an answer in my letter.

  I want to tell you about my new cousin. He was born yesterday and his name is Filip. I can't wait to see that child.

  You'll not believe but Monica, girl for my school class saw she wants to be my girlfriend. I was very lucky when I heard her words. She pleased me very much!

  I'm talking about me and my matters... Could you write to me about your last events? I'm very wonder how are you. You can also write about your friends.

  Write to me fast! I can't wait to get your answer.


la carta es:

Why respoder took you so long? , Well in short, just wanted to tell you when my family went on vacation with a couple of good friends the thing is that I stare cataracts they went left and I had to walk me and also tell you that I fell in school and a question like ba life and your friends