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it is nine o´clock, i have to go.

im going to madrid this afternoon at four o´clock

i´m very late, i had to come at six

my mother told me that i have to come back before than twelfe o´clock

im going to party to night at eleven

my friends are giving party tomorrow at 1 am

till twelfe i was doing my homework

i studied yesterday this unit till eleven o´clock

yesterday at ten o´clock i went to bar

tomorrow i have to go supermarket before than 9 o´clock

La respuesta que te ha dado karan2009 estan bien, lo unico que las horas son todas iguales. Aqui las tienes mas complementadas.
It's half past seven, I have to go.
I'm going to Madrid this afternoon at four o'clock.
I'm very late, I had to come at quarter to six.
My mother told me that I have to come back before half past eleven.
I'm going to a party tonight at twelve o'clock.
My friends are giving a party tomorrow at quarter past twelve in the morning.
Till five past one, I was doing my homework.
I studied yesterday this until ten o'clock