1.Look at the words in brackets. Put them in the correct order and make sentences

-Listen (aren´t / me / listening / you / to)

- Oh, Elizabeth! (you / love / i )

-i can´t see Joe. ( see / can / him / you)

-wait a minute! ( interrupt / me / don´t)

- I don´t like pizza ( eat / i / never / it




-listen you aren´t listening to me    

-oh, Elizabeth I love you 

-I can´t see Joe. you can see him

-wait a minute! don´t interrupt me

-i don´t like pizza I never eat it

espero que esté bien chao


-Listen. You aren't listening to me

-Oh, Elizabeth! I love you

-I can't see Joe. Can you see him?

-Wait a minute! Don't interrupt me

-I don't like pizza. I never eat it