Por favor me pueden escribir una composición con una introducción, cuerpo y conclusión sobre cualquier crimen que alguna vez has presenciado o inventado usando presente continuo, presente y el adecuado, pasado simple y pasado.

Por favor es muy urgente, gracias




When I woke up this morning I knew it was going to happen;

I was quietly walking to school when suddenly started to hear a lady screaming and crying, honestly I did not care, a few minutes later they heard the screams more intensely, around the corner I saw a woman lying on the floor , crying and looking at the sky, I was scared did not know what was happening, I approached and asked if everything was alright, she showed me her hands, had a small child in his hands bleeding and almost dead
-but he shes done?

She looked at me , and cry more.

-I didnt do anything , i was walking to my house , and i look this baby  with her mum , but one murger take her mum , and run away , the baby fall down , and she... she was like that

In the days of having seen the woman, saw the news saying that a man had murdered his wife, and almost killed his daughter because he did not want to go to the park.
The baby was now well in hospital, but could live, and I saw that woman was his grandmother, but he refused to tell his granddaughter in the future what had happened.

Her father was the prission , but he will be out for the next ten years.