Hola! podrían revisar si esta bien redactada mi carta? porfavor D:

My sweet love:

Maybe I write these words because I'm very sensitive or because I am very sad, you well know that you're still deep in my heart, I miss you so much, and for you are these words:

Loving you is very easy because there are so many reasons why I adore you: the things you do, the gestures you make, the feeling you share with me, and your infectious smile…

We’ve been through bad times, and we will continue, but if your might love me, and accept me, we can overcome any obstacle.

It is not easy to live without you, believe me. If we can’t fight far this, they might have reason: “The distance brings oblivion”. But if you ever forget, me or you don’t want to know more about me, I just want honey, to be happy for me any for the wonderful life we had been planned.

For ever yours, your love.




Si tiene todo escrito correctamente pero creo que deberias quitar todo lo que tenga que ver con usted suena que como no conocieras a es persona que va dirigida esta carta


amm si esta bien propuesto su carta con toda sus partes!! si esta bien escrita y organizada