At the North of Italy, in the Adriatic coast, there  is one of the most unique and attractive of our planet. This city of  Venice, also called by people  "The Queen of the Adriatic" and by others as "La Serenissima". But nevertheless, all who have visited agree that only be described with one word: Venice.

What has always struck Venice, apart from its beautiful palaces and fine art, is that there are streets. Yes, the city was designed to travel in boats and carriages. The design of the city is dominated by a wide channel called " El Canal Grande" ("The Big Chanel) . This channel, which is shaped like an inverted S, separating the two major urban areas. On both sides of this channel stately palaces rise by more than three kilometers. Other minor channels, and even other much closer, flow into the Canal Grande, forming a network intrigued. In total, some 177 minor channels, creating some 118 islands, which are connected to each other by about 400 pedestrian bridges.

Rounding all this, if we have to say in one word how beatiful is Venis we 'd say that it is unique and one of the most wonderfull places in the world.