without gondolier navigates a gondola through the canals of Venice and a beggar named Arlequin sits to contemplate while a masked man asks him to take after another gondola and that would give him 1000 ducats (money) when they reach the destination is where for the gondola to not pursuing the masked man hiding expected esttubiese and angry while the mask is removed revealing her cara.Asombrado Arlequin says the name of this character screaming PANTALEON the needy (was a wealthy mercadez)
anger and escapes all his plans: he had bribed a guard to take a caliph's son, Mustafa, the Piombi, the worst prison of that time, and had to give it to pirates who were waiting but he wanted deliver it in person to get more recompensa.Tan was angry that decides not to give the 1000 ducats Arlequin beggar and chases him to get home and go through the back that Colombian and Don Languido the maid and nephew mercadez wl and these will have to arlequin k had found a half-drowned Piombi hobre the Arlequin immediately recognizes who he is and plan to go with Don languid to return to Mustafa.

On the other side is Captain Tarteja that will transport you to Arlequin, Mustafa and Lindoro Don (perodon confused me before). When Ali leave the ataca.Ya badaluc a pirate hostages Arlequin says he knows where he is the son of Caliph Ali and badaluc espvilado salir.Ya ordered k admits he is not a prisoner k k only escaped by the stupidity of Mustafa, his name is Polichinela.Mas later sends Colombina Arlequin to give a note saying that only loose Arlequin and DON Lindoro if he Piombi the release of Mustafa.

THERE IS JUST THE BOOK. (In the book are many more things but with that you have enough for summary)

is a beggar who runs an exceptional adventure, wears arapienta, brown hair and is low.

Lindoro DON
curved back black hair and very tall.