lola mora :His birthplace was controversial: traditionally considered was from the town of Trancas, province of Tucumán, although there documentary evidence indicating who was born on November 17, 1866 in Las Moras stay (now "The Jujube"), in the town of El Tala, Department La Candelaria, Salta province, near the border interprovincial.
His father was Romualdo Alejandro Mora come to the Cutting Tucuman in 1857, where he married on March 16, 1859 in Regina Vega, a rancher salteña born in El Tala. Lola Mora (Dolores Mora Vega Candelaria) was the third daughter of seven children, three boys and four girls. In 1870, its 4 years old, his family decided to move to the city of San Miguel de Tucuman.
In August 1874, at seven years old, he began his studies at the Colegio exclusive Sarmiento, Tucumán secular school, getting excellent marks in all subjects.
Early in art
From the twenty years he studied fine arts in the province of Tucumán with Falcucci Italian painter Santiago (1856-1922), who began to give private lessons.
Then continued his studies in Rome, Italy, a country where his principal teacher Giulio Monteverde.

After three long days of unconsciousness, numbness and difficulty in breathing, died in the City of Buenos Aires, on June 7, 1936, surrounded by her three nieces that attended during illness.