Hola :). Me gustaría que me dijieran una conversación entre 3 personas hablando de cualquier tema (como por ejemplo la música) incluyendo lo siguiente:

* Expressing Prohibition

* Future forms: be going to/will/present continuos

* Modals of future possibility

Gracias por sus respuestas, es urgente porfavor ayuda:/




Carla = Hi how are you? Daniel
Daniel = Yes, Hello if I'm OK here doing homework History
Maria = Ay, if I miss a lot right? I have not finished
Carla = Well, I already finished for about 20 minutes
Daniel That accident that we find in the stationery
Maria = Yes, for what cial stationery were you doing?
Carla = ahh is that my sister order a monograph that he had forgotten compar
Daniel = oh entindo whether usually happens
Daniel = good I'm going and I took the copies, we
Carla = Goodbye, see you tomorrow at school
Maria = Yeah, do not forget the picture
Daniel = True I do not forget, thanks for reminding
Maria = OK, and also because I have to go, will accompany you to your house Carla?
Carla = This well and from there I'll tell you something ...