Habla sobre tu cumpleaños, a quienes vas a invitar, cuado es, que te gustaria que te regalen. Que te vayan preguntando las oras 2 personas y eso. Por ejemplo:


1- Hello (Sus nombres)

2-Hello! How are you?

1- Fine, today is my birthday

3- Oh! Congratulations, happy birthday!


Y asi por 15 minutos mas, SUERTEE


hombre 1: Morning Jhon
hombre 2: Good morning, how do you do?
hombre 1: Not so well, it's the second time I get stuck in the traffic and quite frankly I have started to grow weary of the bloody job
hombre 2: I understand. Every now and then I ask my self why did I allow me to fall so deep into the abyss of frustration and unrewarding routine. The other day...
hombre 3: Morning!
hombre 1 y 2: morning
hombre 1: could you give us a moment?
hombre 3: Sure, I wouldn't interfere with a moment of truly needed privacy
hombre 1: what did you mean by that?
hombre 3: nothing, that I will simply give to you two a space to continue talking
hombre 2: Well you sounded quite sarcastic and it's not necessary to stir our enmity.
hombre 1: that's fair warning
hombre 3: O.K. see you then
hombre 1: that fella is asking for a beat. Anyway, before he popped up you was about to tell me something, what was it?
hombre 2: I can´t remember. He made me lose the train of my thought+

Peter:Did you do the final exam yesterday?
Henry:Yes. But I think that I passed
Hudson: Well, Let's go to see the results. How're you feeling?
Henry: nervous! How about you Peter?
Peter: Not brilliant but I passed.
Henry:Congratulations! And you Hudson?
Hudson: I'm surprised! I've a nine!
Hudson:Come on! Let's have a beer. I'll pay!
Henry: OK
Peter: Excelent idea!