ayuda porfavor con este ejercicio de ingles.

Correct the mistakes.

E.G : he no understand (NO) / he doesn't understand (YES)

I'm wearing jewellery all the time X

You watch TV at the moment? X

Do they enjoy to swim? X

Who did write that book? X

I slept at 11:00 p.m. last night X

We were chatting when Mick was arriving. X

Did you used to like basketball? X

She isn't well recently X

They just have argued X

I have received a letter yet X



¡La mejor respuesta!

i wear jewellery all the time

are you watching tv at the moment?

do you enjoy swimming?

who write that book?

i was slepping at 11:00 last night

we were chatting when mick arrived

did you use 

she is well recently

they have just argued

i haven't received a letter yet


las que estan en negrilla son las que no se si estaran bien, tengo un buen nivel de ingles, pero tambien me confundo. suerte