I / He/ She/ It - was ---------------- We/ You / They - were

Edgar was at the party with Lucy.
Gerrard and Kim were tired after they played soccer.
I was sick and I went to the hospital.

In negative form just add "not" (just like in present with to be ).
I/he/she/it - wasn't (was + not)
We/you/they - weren't (were + not)

I wasn't at the mall in the morning.
My parents weren't hungry when they went to the restaurant.
Charlie wasn't happy because his soccer team lost.

Question form
Was - he/she/it/I ???
Were -we/you/they???

Where were you yesterday?
What was the problem?
Why were they sad?
What time was the party?
Were your parents sick?

Past Continuous (Syntax and USE)
S + [ was / were + -ing] + C

- I was studying
- Carlos was playing video games at Henry's house.
- They were having breakfast

Just add "not" or contract it with the verb to be in the past : wasn't / weren't

- I wasn't watching the football game. I was doing my homework.
- My mother (she) wasn't cooking.
- My brothers (they) weren't dancing at the party.

QW +[ was / were + S + -ing] + C
- Where was John sleeping?
- What were you doing at 6:00pm?
- Who was Patty talking to?

USE: We use past continuous to describe actions that were in progress in the past.
{ estaban, estuve, estuvieron etc... - ando , - endo}