Harvest Festival (festival de la cosecha): Es una celebración de los alimentos cultivados en la tierra. El agradecimiento en ceremonias y celebraciones por el éxito de la cosecha son habituales  en todo el mundo y muy antiguas. En Inglaterra, se ha dado las gracias por el éxito de las cosechas desde época pagana. Se celebra este día cantando, rezando y decorando las iglesias con las cestas de frutas y alimentos en un festival conocido como festival de la cosecha, por lo general durante el mes de septiembre.


Internatinal festival of POETRY in Medellin


In a global world marked by uncertainties, belief in the human spirit is needed. This poetry can give.  However, it should not be merely a lyrical protest while covering up places of silence, but support a new kind of world governance fore mostly through culture. To this poetry can give wisdom and ethics while inspiring to seek the dialogue with the other. Poetry does this best when working through the complexities of life while heeding even small things, like the question of a child.


Three generations of Colombian young people have been lost in bloody actions of war and violence, serving the paramilitaries, the State, the guerrillas, the criminal gangs of paramilitaries and common criminals. It is now that poetry must act much more, taking root in the souls of young people, to make visible in them unprecedented dimensions of human life, through the restoring exercise of language, in a city like Medellín where again bands of paramilitaries and mafia criminals freely increase the statistics of violent deaths.

Each year, when the Festival is held, the city is totally transformed, new forms of seeing, understanding and changing life are created. Poetry gives to the population the tools to confront, listen to and transform itself, because it is a drive to life. Poetry is a song that humanizes the conscience of all.

It is necessary to strengthen the International Poetry Festival of Medellín in its twentieth year, so it can give greater consistency and spread to its actions, in benefit of a population which has been said to be the greatest public of poetry in the world.

According to the voice of the public, as expressed in recent surveys, the International Poetry Festival of Medellín is: Blaze. Ambrosia. Illumination. Universality. Energy. Ocean. Fascination. A house for all. History. Energy. Spirit. Reconciliation. Calm. Unity. A collective dream. Growth. Multiplicity. Transformation. Delight. A net. Interaction. A space of peace. Communion. Beauty. Privilege. The soul of the city. Knowledge. Daring. Celebration. Flight. Life. Passion. Hope. Renewal. Movement. Awakening. Integration. Multiplicity. Inclusion. Identity. World connection. Freedom. The unexpected marvelous.