A:Hi José! how are you? 
J:fine, tank you, and you Ana? 
A:fine too.
A:What did you go yesterday?
J:I went to a party.
A: ohh! and what did you do there?
J: I ate a delicious beef and I drank many beers.
A:So! you just went to drink?
J:mmm yea jeje! , no, I also played football and then I talked with my friends all night.
A:wow! It was very fun!



 A.Hey dude, what are you up to? 
B: Just Alex's party, I want to go but...
A: But what? that party is going to be awesome, a lot of people is invited. Most of our class as well. 
B: My parents don't want me to go, because I failed the last Math exam. 
A: I know right! That exam was difficult and so will be next one. 
B: Yes, so they want me to study instead of go to the party. 
A: They're going to be mad if you fail the next exam, sucks to be you. 
B: You tell me about it. But I think I'm going to the party, at least I am going to stay for 3 hours and then go back to study. 
A: That pretty much sounds like a great plan, may I join you? 
B: Of course, but you must help me out. I'm a mess. 
A: Sure. And by the way, thank God you're going to the party because Elizabeth wants to talk to you, she told me that if you weren't going she wasn't, and if she wasn't neither was her best friend. I like Elizabeth's best friend a lot. 
B: There you go.