some people are amazing because they do unusual things. take eglishman alexander worthey, for example.he lived in box unilil his death in 1980 at the age of 80. his home aweet home was a green box only one meter and a half deep,and a little more than a meter and half tall.insde, he could NOT LIE DOWN OR STAND UP COMPLETELY. He made his home out of a wooden box. he used a used a curved piece of metal for a roof. because he added four whwwls, he could meve whenever he wanted to. and wortley never had to pay rent

la pregunta es :

who eas a lexander wortley? what did he d




Alexander Worthey is a guy who live in a box until 1980, when he was dead. His home was a green wooden box of one meter and a half deep. He can not lie down or stand up completely. However, he had to make a roof with some curved piece of metal.