Hola me pueden colaborar por favor, del siguiente resumen de un cuento me pueden subrayar o señalar cuales son verbos

Newspaper Chase is a story about a thief who
steals a very expensive painting. Harry, the thief, comes
into an art gallery and steals the painting. On the way out,
he breaks a beautiful vase blue.
Harry goes back to the rooming house where he rents a
room and hides the painting under his bed. Janey, the
daughter of the rooming house owner, thinks recycling
is very important—she always recycles bottles and
newspapers. On Fridays, she collects old newspapers,
including the newspaper under Harry’s bed. She puts them
in a box to give to the recycling truck.
Harry sees Janey giving the box to one of the men in the
recycling truck. When he jumps into the truck to find his
newspaper, Janey sees a piece of broken glass in his shoe.
It is the glass from the beautiful vase which Janey has seen
a reporter on the news on television. She calls the police and they take harry away





is - steals - comes - steals - breaks - goes - rents - hides - thinks - recycles - collects - puts - give - sees - giving - jumps - find - sees - seen - calls - take


espero que te sirva :)