An advantage of the phones is that you can communicate travez the world, you can talk with a person or mensajearte though they are miles away. On the one hand we can find a variety of applications in the cell, but on the other hand these distract you from real life.


Es un parrafo corto, pero era de lo que yo pensava, espero que te sirva y si te gusto ponme 5 estrellas y dame un Gracias!


ADVANTAGES: (ventajas)
- you can use them in emergencies.
- you can call someone from wherever you may be.
- you can send them a message which they will get in seconds.
- they are small and easy to carry.
- you can plug in headphones on them and listen to music.
- you can activate the hands free dial and speak while doing something else.

DISADVANTAGES: (desventajas)
- you can't call or send messages in an elevator.
- you can't use it under water.
- you can't activate it at the cinema.
- they are not fire or water proof.
- you cannot communicate with someone in a foreign Country.

Ojala te sirva de algo! (: