Going to

1.- I'm going to buy drinks "and" snacks.
 2.-I am going to your party, "but" a little bit late.
3.-Are your parents going to the meeting "or" not?
4.-"Although" I'm going to stay, I don't care.
5.-They're not going to leave "because" is raining hard.
6.-He's not going to dance "because of" you!

7.-He's going to wash the elephants.
8.-He's going to train the parrots.
9.-I'm going to clean the house
10.-He's going to eat lunch.
11.-He's going to clean the lion cage


I will study tomorrow.
We will win next time.
She will be my girlfriend.
My best friend will come home next week.
The things you do will get you in trouble.
After the game we will go for some snacks.
If you don't study today, you will fail tomorrow.
Next month he will go to Europe.
Some of them will be sick next day.
We will rock you.

No entendí mucho lo de tiempo, pero es lo que entendí :
-Going t
I'm going to my school this monday
I'm going to London this summer
I'm going to lake this weekend with my family
I'm going to library this day
I'm going to party at 8:00 pm with my sister
This day I'm going to church with my family
Tomorrow I'm going to my doctor
8. In this vacations I'm going to France
9. This wednesday We're going to a park
10. This Saturday I'm going to music class

Will :
I will do my homework at 9:00 pm
2. He and me will play the guitar
3. My sister and me will play Xbox 360
4. My family will buy a new car
5. My uncle will give me a gift
6. He will sleep all the day
7. I will drive a car
8. I will have a car in this week
9. They will do a test
10. I will do your homework