One day of my life:

Im going to talk about a normal day of my life and all the things that I do; I always wake up at half past seven, then I breakfast, I love toasts but  I never have breakfast them in a school day, I always have breakfast cereals or biscuits. When I have breakfast I have a shower often with hot water, after have a shower I dressed, sometimes with skirts or shirts. Then I go to school and I always have lunch at three o'clock except the exam days that I eat later. When I finished school, I go to my swimming classes, I hardly ever arrive late. When the class is finish I go home and I do all my homeworks, normally I have a lot on mondays and fridays. Then I help my mother to make the dinner or to my little sister with her homeworks too. Then I have dinner with all my family and always we speak about happened in the day. When I finish to have dinner I watch TV until eleven o'clock and then I go to bed .


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