Luke and John
lucas: hello as you walk juan want to be my friend
john: hi, I'm lucky if I well be your friend
lucas: you come to my house to meet my mother
john: good taste will give
Lucas: Well let's fast because I think my mom is iva to the movies with my little sister
Jim: Well let's give hurry!
Later when they get home from Lucas's mother
lucas: juan think we're too late my mom to come
john: oh what a shame, he wanted to know
Lucas: Well another day meet her
John, if you think we will not get bored for the square
lucas: good dale will be good
juan: ops tropese me a rope and I hurt my knee
lucas: there is that if you hurt it hurts a lot
Jim: Yeah, I feel a lot of pain hurts aw
lucas: call someone healing you
John: No, do not call anyone
lucas: why?
john: I spend poque already
lucas: that good, I'm glad, that hurt desert? haha
juan: tomorrow we want to see? is I have a task to English
lucas: good morning we farewell friend
juan: Adios Amigo