En cada de las frases hay un error. Marcalos y corrige. 1.You bring lunch to school ? 2.What time the film starts? 3.I use my computer every days. 4.Our cat sleeps always in my room. 5.They go swimming three time a week. 6.Sarah doesn't never dring coffe. 7.What your parents do on Sunday evenings? 8.Our Art classes usually are interesting.



Aquí van las frases correctas. Comparalas a las frases que has escrito tú y así sabrás dónde están los errores. 1. Do you bring lunch to school? 2. What time does the film start? 3. I use my computer every day. 4. Our cat always sleeps in my room. 5. They go swimming three times a week. 6. Sarah never drinks cofee. 7. What do your parents do on Sunday evenings? 8. Our Art classes are usually interesting.