Simple past tense

I was watching my favorite TV show.
You went to Paris with a friend.
He was cooking dinner.
She was explaining a project.
They were talking about the latest news on the war.
I was speaking on my cell phone.
He was planning a business trip.
She was checking the bill carefully.
They were complaining all the time.
He was talking about the food.
She was reading a magazine.
I was having breakfast.

The electricity went off when he was working on his PC.
She was talking about the prices.
We met interesting people during the conference.
I fell asleep during the lesson.
Helen was going away for a week.
Mom was cooking for hours.
She was coming during the holidays.
The girls were working all day long.

Present Progressive

what are you going to do this week end?
we could spend a day fishing or boating this Friday.
are you listening to your teacher?
you are getting up now.
it's raining now.
henry is writing with a pencil.
John is writting a sentence and you are readind it.
the bird is flying over the house
I am taking German classes this semester.
I am going shopping today.


3 oraciones en presente simple
to Walk
to Jump
to Look

3 en pasado simple

3 en presente progresivo
I am Walking
You Are Jumping
He is Looking

3 pasado progresivo
I was Walking
You were Jumping
He was Looking

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