¡La mejor respuesta!

1-draft presto I esther I lost
2-in desk of the teacher was his cell
3-my chair has damaged all 4 legs
4-my notebook was stolen physical education
5-broke my pencil tip to be drawing
6-mates stole my backpack lucia
7-My skirt is blue ocean and sky
8-teacher rule I take to hit juan
9-the diretor was very drunk and did not realize that he was shirtless
10-belt designs is not allowed here
11-the white pages of the teacher were stolen
12-I have stolen my pencil sharpener
13-I have stolen my phone
14-I have stolen my book garfiel
15-Jane is a girl with many white pages go and ask for a
16 my dad bought me these shoes are not cute
17-the avanico fell and killed the professor we all got happy
18-my corvata was lost
19 missed my calligraphy book
20-I have 18 men and 20 women companions
21 Professor Silver stole my pleasure
22-The English teacher is a thief because I take my phone galaxy
23-classroom blackboard is full of graffiti
24-I hate my room benches
25 hate my teachers of languages

19 4 19