Yesterday I went to the seaside. 
The weather was gorgeous and we all had a swim. 
My father was a great scholar. 
Unfortunately he died a few years ago. 
Have you seen John? 
Well, I saw him on Monday but I haven't seen him since.
The eclipse was seen only in the northern hemisphere.
I didn't bought it.
Did you go yesterday?
You didn't listen me.
Why did you go?
I didn't know.
She went to the cinema.
Maybe he didn't make his homework.
We went to the cinema.
I didn't eat anything yet.
I went by bus.
You didn't study.
He watched the movie.
Yesterday I listened the music.
The last year we went to Paris.
I didn't go to the party.
We bought some presents.
My parents didn't arrive to home.
He ran very fast.
He should stayed at home.
Well, he said that we arrived late.
We didn't know what to do.
What did you do?
He didn't pass the exam.  
10 3 10


1) I wasn't reading the book.
2) You weren't working last night.
3) She wasn't in Miami last August.
4) He wasn't a good student when he was in College.
5) We weren't dancing together.
6) You weren't living in a big house.
7) They weren't celebrating their graduation.
8) It wasn't rainning yesterday.
9) Mark wasn't sitting in front of me.
10) Rose wasn't my best friend.



1)I was a student

2)He was a musician

3)She was in the car

4)It was a hot day

5)We were lucky

6)You were from Colombia

11 3 11