I just wonder if you really know what you wrote here

you're doing???

Someday I'll have an exciting job???

because the sky is blue???
If a dog has four legs and a spider 6 legs as 500 animals in total serious???


ummn iaaaa excelente tu ingles es muy malo XP

preguntas con do:


What do you do?
¿Qué estas haciendo?

Do you speak Spanish?
¿Hablas español?

Do she play the guitar?
¿Ella toca la guitarra?

How do it working?
¿Cómo funciona eso?


oraciones con do

do your chores

do your homework

do the errand to the store

preguntas con does


preguntas con does:

How does it work?
¿Cómo funciona eso?

How does you want ?

como que tu quieres?

How does new shoes?

como que quieres zapatos nuevos?

oraciones con does

does the store sent

does not buy shoes new

does not buy my food on supermarket


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