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A continuación resumen de una película en inglés; White Chicks y Avatar respectivamente.


1)      White Chick


Two black FBI agents, Kevin and Marcus, have gone undercover to bust a drug dealer, but their sting falls apart. Their boss gives them a new assignment to escort two hotel heiresses, Brittany and Tiffany Wilson, to the Hamptons. The FBI has received word that there is a plot to kidnap the sisters at the Hamptons. As they are driving from the airport to the Hamptons, the girl's little dog goes out the window, and causes them to have a wreck. The two girls end up with cuts on their faces in the wreck. Brittany and Tiffany take a stand, and refuse to go to the Hamptons looking like this. If they don't go, the kidnapping plot will not occur. Kevin and Marcus will fail again, and probably lose their jobs. They decide to disguise themselves as the Wilson sisters and catch the kidnappers. Douglas Young (the-movie-guy)


2)      Avatar


Avatar is about a man (Jake Sully, ex marine) is assisting a group of people of his kind on a trip to a new world called Pandora. While he is there, his mission was to infiltrate in the Na’vi, but he falls in love with a native (Neytiri), but she is expected to marry a native warrior (Tsu’tey), who severely hates Jake.


Jake decides to spend time and learn the way of the Na’vis and is accepted into the tribe by Neytiri’s father, Eytucan. At this point Jake is just one of them and stops to inform to Quaritch about the principal mission, also Jake finds that Quaritch is planning on invading the Na’vi territory in order to collect the abundant supply of unobtainium in which Pandora contains and to cutting down all the important tres there.


When this happens, Jake decides to tell all the natives the truth about his stay at Na’vi. But all the Omaticaya get very angry with them, note ven Neytiry could forgive him. So, they decided to stay and resist de attack of the humans. At some point Jake found their trust again and they fight together against Quaritch.


Once they defeat Quaritch saving their homeland of Pandora. Jake is almost killed, but is rescued by Neytiri. The injured Jake is then taken care of, while Quaritch is punished for being a greedy bastard. The film ends when Jake's mind is transferred through the same ritual that tried with Grace, his Na'vi avatar permanently by the Tree of the Soul


Y éste es el resumen de una película en inglés.