Do you like plaing bascket?
Do you eat chocolate?
Do you use the computer?
Do you like pop corns? 
Does he listen to music?
Does she know me?
Does it is a party?
Do we go out tonight?
Do they go to the school?
What would you like to do?
why are you here?
Which is the bes book?
When do you go to Africa?
Do you hate do your homework?

Have you ever been in Australia?
Have you been over a year on tour?
Have you ever gone to Medellin?
Have you ever sung more than 100 songs in a concert?
Have you ever act in Broadway?
How long have you been working as an actress?
Have you ever played on Wembley Stadium?
Have you ever been in a movie with Kristen Stewart?
Have you sung on a Movie?
Have you ever stayed in the Plaza hotel?
Have you ever directed a movie?
Have you ever produced a movie?
Have you ever composed a song?
Have you ever written a script?
Have you ever played with Muse?
Have you ever been in a film directed by Catherine Hardwick?



See U!

What is your name?
We're are your from?
How old are you?
We're do you live?
When is your birthday?
What color is it?
What is your favorite singer?
What color do you like?
What is your favorite food?
What number is it?
Who is?
What is the homework?
What's he's name?