I go to your house.

You dance in the park.

He buys chocolate in the shop

She gets a bike.

We ride horses.

They go shopping to Madrid

My sister have a baby

I drink a lot of water

You cry in the class

We go to bed


espero que te sirvan


1. I always keep on mind the survival techniques.

2. All saturdays I play tennis with my sister

3.I want to buy chocolate in that shop.

4.You always look at me when something goes wrong.

5.Every morning I prepare the breakfast of my mother.

6.When i have to go to a party i always arrange myself.

7.Every time i try to do a math exercise i don´t know how to do it and i have to ask for help.

8.That table is very expensive ,i don´t know how could you bought it.(Is es el verbo en presente).

9 .Please ,let me look at your exercises.

10.He wants to be a doctor.