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You must be on Time = Tu debes estar a tiempo......You must get the Idea =Tu debes tomar la Idea........You really must go on a diet. You are twice your ideal weight.
Tienes que ponerte a dieta. Pesas el doble de lo que deberías.

You absolutely must check the tyres before you go to Paris.
Tienes que revisar los neumáticos antes de que vayas a París.

You must have seen something.

You must do your homework
Debes hacer tu tarea



You musn´t put your hands on a stove!
Tu no debes poner tus manos en una estufa. (Porhibicion)
You musn´t take pictures here.
No debes tomar fotografias aqui. (es una regla de un lugar que se debe que cumplir)

You mustn't be worry for the People...Tu no debes tener cuidado por la gente....-

No llegué a ver la comida, pero no debíde ser buena_I did not get to see the food, buit mustn't have beenvery good

That is what I thoughthe mustn't have a blood transfusion._Así es como yo lo pensé al momento, él no debe recibir una transfusióde sangre.



that shoul be me, deberia ser yo

shoul´ve kissed you _deberia haberte besado

1. You should be more attentive.
2. We should go out to get some air.
3. You shouldn’t catch that train.
4. You should read the bible.
5. The dog should wait in the street.






Can you play the piano? ¿Sabes tocar el piano?

¿Puedes venir a mi fiesta de cumpleaños?

Can you come to my birthday party?


 Can you type? Yes, I can

 ¿Sabes escribir a máquina? Sí, yo sé

Can she cook and sew? ¿Ella sabe cocinar y coser

Can he speak English? ¿Él sabe hablar inglés?


can´t play rugby. What about you?  

He can`t eat on his own.

She can`t play football..

It can`t walk, run or fly  

We can`t drive like him....  

They can`t speak Japanese   




Do you have to work on Saturday?

Does he have to go to work by bus?

Do I have to wear a uniform?

What do I have to do? Close your eyes and relax

How long do we have to wait? Only a few more minutes




The first thing to recommend is that they don't work in some place that they don't like, thatheydon't do things that they don'tlike.


I don't like hedging my words, and I shall say what I am thinking.


I set a default action for a device or type of media but now I don't like thataction.



Do you have any suggestion for our website or anything you don't like?

I don't like staying in this vacuum for too long.


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Can: - I can speak five languages. - We can work late tonight if you need us. -PlayBill and Tom can't help you - it can be dangerous to drive if you are tired. - Can I have a glass of water? Must: - You must read this book, it's fantastic. - You must brush your teeth two times a day. - We must leave now or we will be late. -You mustn't drink and drive. - When must we meet you? Should: - I should call my parents more often. - You shouldn't work so hard. - They should practice more if they want to win the championship. - Should we leave a tip? - Should I have the steak or the chicken?