hola de nuevo yo, por fa me colaboran con estas, es lo mismo organiarlas y ponerles do o does, ya hice unas pero no se si estan buenas son :

1- how often/ TV/ you/ watch?

2- you/ want/ what/ for dinner?

3- like/ you/ football?

4- your brother/ like/ football?

5- what/ you/ do/ in/ the evenings?

6- your sister/ work/ where?

7-to the cinema/ often/ you/ go?

8-what/ mean/ this word?

9- often/ snow/ it/ here?

10-go/ usually/ to bed/ what time/ you?

11- how much/ to phone New York/ it/ cost?

12- you/ for breakfast/ have/ usually/ what?

Muchas gracias



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How often do you watch tv ?

What doyou want for dinner?

do you like football ?

Does your brother like football ?

what do you do in the evening?

Where does your sister work?

do you often go to the cinema ?

what does this word mean?

does it often snow here ?

what time do you usually go to bed ?

how much does it cost ?

what do you have usually for breakfast ?



1-How often do you watch TV?

2-What do you want for dinner?

3-Do you like football?

4-Does your brother like football?

5-What do you do in the evenings?

6-Where does your sister work?

7-Do you often go to the cinema?

8-What does this word mean?

9-Does it often snow here?

10-What time do you usually go to bed?

11-How much does it cost to phone New York?

12-What do you usually have for breakfast?