I am running ---------------I am not running
I want to swim--------------- I do not want to swim
I am happy --------------- I am not happy
I am singing--------------- I am not singing
I love soccer --------------- I do not love soccer
He is jumping ---------------He is not jumping
I like school --------------- I do not like school
She is beautiful --------------- She is not beautiful
I am sad --------------- I am not sad
We live together --------------- We do not live together
I am hungry --------------- I am not hungry
I like to eat --------------- I do not like to eat
I am playing soccer --------------- I am not playing soccer
I play basketball --------------- I do not play basketball
Today is monday --------------- Today is not monday
I like sleeping --------------- I do not like sleeping
She is my sister --------------- She is not my sister
I can drive --------------- I cannot drive
I have money --------------- I do not have money
I have a girlfriend --------------- I do not have a girlfriend
I am sexy --------------- I am not sexy
I like to eat --------------- I do not like to eat
She is fat --------------- She is not fat
I am tall --------------- I am not tall
I like sports --------------- I do not like sports