When he drew the picture, I was doing my homework

I went in the restaurant having dinner while you were in the cinema

We already thought about the problem

We let them arrive home later.

He became a famous doctor, but he wasn´t have enought money to buy the house

She rode the horse, yesterday

I spoke to him, but he was all the time crying

I slept 2 hours cause my brother was playing the guitar all the night

They usually sat on this sofa when they´re wating for you

I already paid the dinner 



te sirven?

¡La mejor respuesta!

i break the window - yo he roto la ventana

last night i dreamt with you- anoche soñe contigo

she buy some food - ella ha comprado algo de comida

i wrung my ankle- me torcí mi tobillo

this light has shone all day- esa luz ha estado brillando todo el día

the garlic smell bad-el ajo huele mal

i pay for this jeans - yo he pagado por estos vaqueros

the woman stole in the supermarket-la mujer robó en el supermercado

the police shot at the man- el policia disparo al hombre

we keep your secret-nosotros guardaremos tu secreto

creo que estan todas bien espero que te sirvan