- Yesterday, i met my friends
- Last year, i travelled to Italy
- I phoned my brother one hour ago
- i talked to him one minute ago
- i was a good student
- I was Born in new york.
- My last birthday, was the most wonderful day in my life.
- I won the lottery last year
- I went to the library last night, to read a book about christmas.
- My grandmother gave me a letter
- My sister told me that she was pregnant
-We bought some presents.
-My parents didn't arrive to home.
-He ran very fast.
-He should stayed at home.
-We didn't know what to do.
-The newspaper was full of horrible news
-Yesterday was a very nice day
-When I woke up this morning I didn't feel like going to school
-My friend said that's not true

espero que te hayan servido te regalo unas de mas ;) 


yesterday i found all i need

noone could understand me when i was young

 I can believes what I heard

 everything stayed in the peast

my life was diferent since that moment

I thoght it was good

 I never thought that it could happen

 my car stay without oil in the middle of the street