una redaccion en ingles de 120 palabras o mas sobre una costumbre española por ejemplo las fallas, semana santa.... No hay que decir que habeis hecho en esas vacaciones si no hablar de lo que hace la gente, lo que comen en esas fechas, como comenzó la fiesta...

PD: yo prefiero sobre la Pascual pero da igual, lo que os guste mas a vosotros :)




Ok creo que te refieres a la Semana de pascua en el hambito religioso y que no puedes comer carne y asi si es eso te dejo tu ensayo escrito aqui abajo :)


Easter week is a very important date in catholic religion
in that week commemorates the resurrection of Jesus in that week you have to follow some kind of rules like skip breakfast, you cant eat meat in some especific days
and some families are used to go to the church
In that week schools suspend clasess
Catholics pray in that days like a tribute for Jesus Christ resurrection
Last day on church in the night people celebrate the end of that week with fireworks
you can hear the bells in the church and there are more instruments than a regular day
in conclution easter week is not just go on vacation is to celebrate Jesus and follow the traditios that we have learn through the years, spend this days with our family and say thanks to god for the greatest things we have.



Espero te sirva :)