Quien m da respondiendo xfa? urgentisimoo!


1. What do you need from me?
2. What is your problem?
3. What are you doing?
4. What is your name?
5. What do you like better?


1. Where do you live
2. Where Can I get the product?
3. Where can you meet me?
4. Where were you?
5. Where is Mary?

What time:

1. What time is it?
2. At what time can I pick you up?
3. At what time are going to do your homework?
4. At what time do you go to sleep?
5. At what time do you eat dinner?


1. When did you change your clothes?
2. When are you going to stop screaming at me?
3. When is the next metting?
4. When are you going to your house?
5. When are you going to stydy?


who are you?
who take my pencil case?
who is your teacher?
who have the pen?
who is this boy?


why are you playing this?
why want not you do your homework?
why are you in the park?
why are you doing theses question?

why you love me?

How much and How many

How many cakes are on the table?
How many countries have you visited?
How many tomatoes are in the cupboard?
How many apples are in the freezer?
How many pencils are in the pencil case?
How much is the computer?
How much is the cheese?
How much is the cell-phone?
How much is the cd?
How much is the mp4?




q nesecitas de mi 

cual  es tu probleman

q estas haciendo 

cual es tu nombre

q es lo q mas te gusta 


donde tu vives 

de donde es este producto 

donde nos podemos encontrar 

:donde estabas tu 

donde esta mary


que hora es 

a que hora voy po ti 

a ue hora haces tu tarea